Riverland Wine

Case Study

Riverland Wine
Build brand awareness and growth
2014 – ongoing

Purple Giraffe hosts the capacity to coordinate large-scale marketing capabilities to ultimately create shifts in consumer brand recognition.

Riverland Wine

Project overview

Centered on the desire to change the perception of the region to ensure Riverland Wine is accurately recognised as the modern, innovative and progressive wine powerhouse that it’s always been and continue to build a revised brand Riverland through a series of marketing initiatives, strategies and platforms.

In order to achieve this, Purple Giraffe recognised the need for Riverland Wine to:

Purple Giraffe established marketing strategies aimed to slowly shift consumer perceptions of Riverland Wine, focusing on three key areas:

This resulted in the production of new physical marketing signage collateral, development of a printed and online wine trial map, development of a Riverland Wine image library, building of a multi-platform digital social media presence and key events, and building of a technical advanced membership website.


Some key outcomes throughout the project included:

  • consistent representation of brand Riverland focusing on the diversity of offerings and significance of the region
  • the development of long-term marketing assets
  • actively engaging the local Riverland community to promote production, capabilities and innovations in the Riverland region, direct to consumers
  • successful building of the Riverland Wine’s media platforms
  • a collaborative and cohesive approach towards wine trade events from relevant wineries in the region
  • increase in participation in domestic and international wine events contributing to an increase in sales of boutique wines and increased recognition in the type of wines the Riverland is now capable of producing
  • a shift in consumer perception of the Riverland region as a technologically advanced and alternative variety wine location

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