Settlers Artisan Spirits

Case Study

Settlers Artisan Spirits
Brand development and marketing of premium pre-mixed gin & tonic products
August 2020

Purple Giraffe’s ​extensive capabilities ​ means the whole process can be taken care of for you – from the initial brief, right through to the ​end marketing.​

Project overview

With the popularity of gin as a beverage in Australia and the continued growth in this market segment, an opportunity to diversify and expand was identified for Settlers Artisan Spirits – specifically for the development of 3 x premiumpre-mixed gin & tonic products.

To take full advantage of this growth opportunity Settlers Artisan Spirits utilised Purple Giraffe’s expertise to develop:

Further to this, Purple Giraffe liaised with trusted and specialised collaborators to ensure Settlers Artisan Spirits:


Purple Giraffe successfully orchestrated and implemented clever and eye catching packaging that remains on brand – ultimately expanding the Settlers Artisan Spirits product portfolio into this diversified space and expanding the equity of the brand it carries.

Purple Giraffe identified and consciously achieved the following key targets:

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