FINALIST! Australian Women in Wine Awards

We’re delighted that Lynda Schenk, founder of Purple Giraffe, has been announced as a Finalist in the Marketer of the Year category of the Australian Women in Wine Awards 2018. We congratulate Shirley Fraser of Byrne Vineyard and Belinda Austin of Austin Wines as well and Lynda is honoured to be nominated alongside of these…

5 Things Entrepreneurs should know about risk taking

“Well, as giraffes say, you don’t get no leaves unless you stick your neck out.“ What risks are you taking in your business? Entrepreneur Asia Pacific explores 5 things entrepreneurs need to know about taking risks. 1. Risk-taking is inherent in entrepreneurship. 2. There are different types of risks. 3. Some of your risks won’t pay off. 4. We’re inherently…

Why cultivating diversity equals business success

“It’s well-documented that diversity in organisations translates to better results and significantly better culture,” says Sam McDonagh, country manager for Airbnb tells Marketing Magazine.

Read more about how creating a workplace that cultivates differences can enable organisations to gain a competitive advantage in an ever-changing and increasingly competitive marketplace here.